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I had a private talk with one of my supervisors (I have two).
He told me about my yearly evaluation. He and the other supervisor are just thrilled with me and gave me a very good one. Which bossman (department manager) cancelled because it was too good. Evaluation results are connected to pay rises and apparently he's got a budget. The annoying thing: since this is all his brainchild he will see this through (even if he has to manipulate the evaluations), but every other department manager will get the rises he wants for his team even if they are not completely in sync with the results. After years in this company I know how this works. Well, since I was already expecting something like this, I wasn't really disappointed. It just confirms my opinion of bossman...

Another thing my supervisor warned me about: apparently several others in the team had complained that I was being too loud / noisy whatever. I do tend to speak in a loud voice. It's unconscious. When I notice it, I lower my voice. What really stings, is that noone, not a one of my oh so nice and funny coworkers said anything to my face. That one I'm really disappointed about. Yes, it would have been an uncomfortable talk. But I would have felt immensely better about it than learning about it this way. Still, I'm glad he told me. I can try to change my behaviour and I know not to trust as much as I did before and liked to do.
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