Feb. 3rd, 2013

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After more than a year of not posting I'm finally back.
A lot happened (which would explain the not-posting)


  • started classes for BA Human Resources Management > no free Saturdays for about a year
  • I got bullied at work > was sick
  • Got back > had to change work team (bully was not punished as far as I can tell)
  • got told that new position was only temporary due to personnel cuts
  • lots of exams
  • worked in a really messy software interface project for about nine months till it was about to be finished > got my notice (with a nice settlement - someone had a guilty conscience)
  • two days after receiving my notice I got a new job!!! (Friday before Christmas)
  • last Friday: started on new job

(job will be a challenge, but all conditions point to it being a great job, traditional very successful enterprise with full employee-benefits (and I mean full), really interesting duties (lots of Excel, interface testing etc. right up my alley. They just do everything on a much larger scale than I'm used to))

Family is doing fine. My nephew is a little hellion full of energy and has a serious love/hate relationship with his little sister (the only one allowed to hit her is him! dammit!) He's huge for his age which can cause problems since he acts his age and people expect him to act like a kid 1-2 years older.

Niece had a rough start. A few days after being born she and her Mommy had to return to hospital for a week because niece got an infection in her digestive tract during birth that needed to be treated with antibiotics. She's been sick / to the doc / in hospital quite a lot since.

Still niece is also doing well. She knows what she wants though she's not as confident as big brother, prefers to cling more to her Mommy (and seeing what happens when Mommy is not around, i.e. big brother, not so surprising there)

I've discovered the Teen Wolf & Avengers fandoms and have been devouring fanfic as fast as I can read. (which is actually normal)

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