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Thursday was a holiday and yesterday I took a day off so this is a long weekend for me! Yay.... or not so much.
Because right on time I got a nasty headcold. I was so exhausted/dizzy yesterday that I actually lay down for a bit in the afternoon (I never do that usually) and promptly slept till 7 pm. Consequently I couldn't fall asleep / woke up regularly tonight. Wonderful. Now I feel even worse. And the cough hurts!

Time to cheer up! My sister is still pregnant. :big grin: It's kinda funny even. She started to get morning sickness and my mom went all "Yay, she's vomiting!" rofl
I think my sister might get second thoughts. She's a very independent woman. And now suddenly everyone treats her as if she's fragile. "No, you can't lift this" "No, you can't go shopping alone" "I'll do the garden work for you." I'm curious to see when she'll finally crack and yell she's pregnant, not sick. It's bound to happen ^_^

More cheering things: I got my copy of the Demon's Lexicon!!!!!!!! I'm still debating if I should start reading now or when I feel better. It might distract me, but on the other hand I'm in a crappy mood and can't really concentrate so well. I might waste the experience. But it's sitting there and looking gorgeous. I want to read it! Aaargh
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