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What R. told me:
A woman wakes up in the middle of the night and notices that her husband is not in the bed. She slips on her bathrobe and leaves the bedroom. She finds him sitting at the kitchen table, deeply lost in thoughts and staring at the wall. She can see a tear slipping out of his eye as he takes a gulp of coffee.
"What's the matter, dear? Why are you sitting here in the kitchen at this time of the night?" she asks him.
"Do you remember, how we had our first date 20 years ago? You were just 16!"
"Of course!"
"Do you remember how your father caught us as we made love on the backseat of my car?"
"Yes, I remember it clearly. I'll never forget that."
"Do you also remember how he held the gun in my face and said: either you marry my daughter or you'll go to prison for 20 years!"
"Oh, yes," she says.
He wipes another tear from his face and says "You know, today I would have been released!"

Oh R., he's a real comedian!
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What my coworker, R., told me:
Man goes to see a urologist. Urologist: You really have to stop masturbating. Man: Why? Urologist: Because otherwise I can't examine you.
:head > desk:

Also I've discovered that S., the coworker I share my office with, is after my job! She spent 15 minutes trying to convince me to train to work in a bookstore. Even after I told her that I wouldn't want a job where I had to stand for long hours or do heavy lifting in a storage room and that anyway the stuff I like to read isn't really mainstream so I wouldn't want to have to read books I'm not interested in just to be able to help customers... She just kept on talking right over my head. Only explanation: she wants me gone because she fancies my job! But I'm not so easy to get rid off! Right!!! LOL

And again my paranoid side was tickled: Bossman's PA told us that the both of us, S. and I, had to leave our office at once and go look for a file in the archive. Very suspicious phrasing, that. I immediately imagined R. (coworker see above) welcoming us in the archive room with a cream cake to our faces! Why would it take two to look for one measly file? And why say, leave your office? Well, the archive is tiny but stuffed with unmarked boxes up to the ceiling. It's also (who knows why) right next to marketing > the guys with the cameras > reaallly suspicious. S. and I entered - no R. or any cream cakes in sight - had a fit of giggles, found the file in the very first box we looked into, giggled some more and left after two minutes. Marketing people, warily: what were you doing in there? And as a thank you bossman bought us tons of chocolate. Yummy! THIS ISN'T NORMAL! They probably tried to search our office or R. was to get us with that cream cake when we left the archive but we were too fast and efficient in our file-searching for them! Guys, you need better plots!
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One of my coworkers was on sick-leave for three weeks. But now he's back and up to old form. This is what he told me:

A HR manager hires a several new employees, all of them cannibals. He takes their leader to the side and says "Okay, you may work here, but only under one condition: do not eat any of the other employees!" The leader of the cannibals swears on all that is holy that they won't do that.
Several months pass and everyone is fine. No employees get eaten, everyone is happy calmly and efficiently doing their job, until one day the cleaning woman disappears. The HR manager calls the leader of the cannibals to his office and asks him "The cleaning woman has disappeared. Do you know what happened to her? Did anyone of you eat her? You said you wouldn't eat any employees! That was the condition for you to work here!" The leader of the cannibals assures him "I have no idea what happened to her. But we swore to you we wouldn't eat any of the other employees and we didn't eat any. I promise you!" "Fine," said the HR manager "I wonder what has become of her."
Back in his office the leader calls all his cannibals together and starts yelling at them "Who has eaten the cleaning woman?! We said we wouldn't eat any of the other employees! I can't believe this!" All the cannibals stand it a row looking meekly at their feet. "Who did it? Who ate the cleaning woman? If I don't get an answer I'll fire you all!" More silence. Then finally, at the end of the row, the smallest of the cannibals carefully raises his hand. "What is it?" yells the leader. "I ate the cleaning woman," mumbles the smallest cannibal in a timid voice. "You IDIOT!" screams the leader. "All these months we lived off the management board. And now you go and eat her???"

And what does this tell you? Work without managers goes so smoothly that nobody misses them! :evil grin:


Oct. 11th, 2010 12:08 am
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watched Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
now I'm depressed and headachy from all the crying...
great anime though


Oct. 8th, 2010 09:59 pm
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Although there are some things in the office that I don't like (my view of everything is rather more pessimistic after the experiences of the last two days) work can be really fun right now. I have a new office-mate (is that a word?) and she can be really funny! XD And we always find time to chat about TV series, food, co-workers, food, vacations, food etc (there's a theme going on here). Also after just a few weeks together we have different roles established: she's the nice and understanding one and I'm the one with the bit of a mean streak which she makes fun of(!) :grumbles:

Something else entirely: my nephew is starting to walk! A the moment he still clings to things to keep his balance. But he pulls himself up to his feet all by himself and then off he goes. My sis has her hands full keeping track of him. And he's only just 10 months old! :proud: I'll visit at the beginning of November and am already looking forward to it! I've seen the latest pictures and he's soooo cute! ^__^
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So, I'm feeling a bit more alive today which is actually good because it was my first day back to work. Since it was my birthday during my vacation (what a coincidence :P) I brought along some cakes for our team and we all gathered for a few minutes, shared the cake and I got a gift - an Amazon voucher. Everyone at work knows I'm reading every free minute I get and everyone's seen my ereader (the Sony) at least once. So they thought the gift voucher would be a good idea. Normally I use the ereader for fanfic, not for official ebooks. But that's okay. It's a great gift!
And since boss-man is physically incapable of not taking center stage he found a new of being "cool"... by bragging about not liking to read.
<sarcasm>Dude, you impress me more every day!</sarcasm>
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I finally had my vacation in Turkey. The long anticipated one. (see a few entries back on this journal) It was PERFECT! Beautiful resort, great weather, delicious food, awesome people... and then I caught a severe cold on the flight back and now I feel reif für die Notschlachtung (transl.: ready for emergency slaughter), coughing, sniffling, sneezing, shaking with cold :sobs:


Aug. 15th, 2010 10:14 pm
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After months of ups and downs (more downs than ups what with work and health issues) things are looking finally good again. I look around myself and my place is tidy, I'm spending time cooking instead of eating fast food and I indulged today in translating again. Rediscovering how much fun that is! It's good to be back! Yes!


Feb. 20th, 2010 10:37 am
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Yay! I just booked my vacation for September! The hotel looks absolutely gorgeous and has great reviews. 10 days in Turkey. The weather should be good too. (can only be better than last year). Wow, I can't believe I decided this fast....
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Just read chapter 574 on OM. *flails around*
*deep breath* okay, there's one rule in One Piece. And let's hope Oda didn't forget. It's this:

Nobody dies in One Piece

by ~BullyKilla on deviantART
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I wish everyone a very good 2010!
Let's all stay healthy and happy with what the year will bring.

I think that's a good plan, ne? ^__^
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I wish everyone a Happy and Merry Christmas!
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My mom called me at work today. My sis has gone into labor! It's a bit early, almost exactly 1 month. But not so early that it's dangerous for the little one. The docs expect to keep him in the newborn ward for a few days for observation, but that's it. Her water broke this morning and the contractions started so my sis went to the hospital. I tried to call her. But right then the first serious contraction hit her and all I could do was listening to her moaning. I asked my brother-in-law to tell her I called and that I was thinking of them wishing them all the best. I'm going to visit this weekend. I'm so looking forward to it!
Whoa, my litlle sister is becoming a mom and I'm becoming an aunt. Right now!

Bad News!

Nov. 28th, 2009 09:47 pm
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No gifts this year....

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the day

Nov. 17th, 2009 08:41 pm
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Made lentil soup (or rather stew) this evening and ate too much. (I LOVE lentil soup!) Sometime I'm gonna learn (...not).

One of our managing directors died suddenly last night. When my boss called us all in to inform us he was really shaken. At some point he couldn't speak anymore because he had to stiffle his tears. I've never seen him so emotionally before. He likes to present himself as confident, sharp, witty. With my recent troubles I tend to see him more calculating and not always I can trust. That just shows how multi-layered people really are.
I think I sound rather cold here. But I never met the deceased. So I feel sad for his family, but I'm not really affected. So it's permissable, I guess.
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I'm still enjoying my allergy. Now complete with a rash all over my body. Yay... :sigh:


Nov. 4th, 2009 09:41 am
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The revenge of the guinea pigs (at least presumably so). I'm ITCHING all over. It's driving me crazy. And my left eye is swollen and leaking. I actually had to pry it open this morning. There are places on the back of my head/neck that are swollen and hurt all the time like bruises from glasses (if I wore any). I just went to see a GP and he thinks it's an allergic reaction. I cleaned out the piggies' cage this Sunday morning, gave it a really hard scrubbing before my parents came to take it away. It's probably either from the dust that had gathered in there or from the cleaner I used (and usually don't). I got some antiallergikum I have to take daily and hope the itches let up.

tingel's not happy right now.

The bet II

Oct. 22nd, 2009 11:19 am
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HA! [profile] matemba owes me a cocktail!
How did this happen? A miracle happened! Yes, a MIRACLE!!!

I finally got my sister's birthday present and it was good. (I'm still reeling from the shock) No, honestly, it was really sweet. I did my Masters degree at SOAS, university of London. And I had this green messenger bag with a SOAS logo which I loved dearly and used till it fell apart. So my sister tried to get me another one. She emailed and tried to move the earth, but they don't have them anymore. Finally she got me two absolutely marvellous SOAS mugs and two linen bags with SOAS logo and a promise that I'd get a bag with the logo for Christmas, since now she has the logo scanned and can have it printed on one. How cool is that???

She's been working on this since May. It took so long to get into contact with someone at the SOAS shop and to make sure they don't have the bags anymore. And then they sent the mugs via ship. From Britain to Germany... And they literally took weeks to arrive. Oh, the wonders of international shipping! But all's well that ends well. And now not only do I have the mugs but I'm also getting a bag for Christmas and a cocktail on top!

[profile] matemba and I knew about the shipping and thought it was something from South America since my sis and brother-in-law were there this spring. Why else have something delivered by ship? And [profile] matemba was convinced it would be something for my flat, something decorative and ethnical, hence the totem pole. :still shivering at the thought: It could have happened. It really could!

the bet

Oct. 2nd, 2009 09:03 pm
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My sis told me that my present is being shipped by sea... :shiver:

The bet is on:
I say, against all experience (and because [profile] matemba had first dips), that it'll be a great present. If I'm right I'm getting a cocktail.
[profile] matemba is betting on a horrible present. If she's right, she ends up with a cocktail. If it turns out to be a totem pole (don't ask), she'll get two.

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