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So I've been back to work for two weeks now. Everything's going fine (apart from a slight panicky feeling last sunday. But that passed). I'm on light duty, 3 hours a day. Starting from next week it's 5 hours. These weeks were so cool. Getting off at 12! Sun's shining! How relaxing. I got new duties too. But it was kind of a nice/naughty feeling to just pass on all old emails and messes to the poor sods who labor in payroll now. ^__^ Everyone was happy to see me again. Yes, all told I'm happy to be back.
So today was the last day of the really short days. It's beautiful outside. Tomorrow is a holiday and I still wanted to get small gifts for my parents for Easter. I was really relaxed and in high spirits (maybe a little tired) when I got home. And there I stand in front of the building and search for my keys...
And no, I couldn't find them... and yes, I called work... and YES DAMN! I left them there!!!! How stupid can one be!!!!!!!! So I could climb back onto the underground and go all the way back from where I'd just come from. It's only 75 minutes one way... Of course, everyone made fun of me.... *bastards* (okay, I would have made fun of everyone this happened to, too. But I never said I wasn't a bastard myself) 75 minutes back home. And now I'm too tired / frustrated to do much of anything else. At least tomorrow is a holiday. I'll visit my parents on saturday / sunday, we'll have a barbecue and breakfast with the neighbours. It'll be fun.
And I guess I'm lucky it happened today when I was home early enough to actually return. On a normal day I'm home at 6:30 and there'd be nobody in the office anymore if I tried to get my keys... yeah, silver lining. yadda yadda

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