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I just watched the latest episode of Merlin. Loved it but it gave me the creeps. All those beetles scurrying around creeping over sleeping persons, slipping into their ears.... :shudders:
At the beginning there was this one scene with Morgana sleeping and you could hear a slight scratching sound. It was the beetle in the fllowers. My reaction was, hu? normally you wouldn't hear that. The flowers are too soft. But I remember an occasion when I did hear something like that (hence all the shudders). I was reading in my room and heard this strange rustling noise. It came and went and really annoyed me. At first I couldn't place it but then... I saw this huge spider sitting right on the edge of the trash can. Every time it moved it made the rubbish bag crackle! :horror: I went crying for my mom (mature 18 year old that I was) and she had to carry the trash can out. The spider jumped off and headed straight for my sister's room! She saw it coming and freaked... My sister barricaded her door and wouldn't open it till my mom assured her she'd caught the spider again (she lied :grins:). Now that spider was ugly. Huge, and black, and hairy.... :shudders again:

More spider stories... I was lying in bed and reading (I do that a lot). For the past few nights there'd always been a cricket creaping around the crack between the bed and the wall. I'd gotten used to it. I even had a glass and a piece of paper lying in reach to collect it and take it outside. So when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye I grabbed the glass, knelt down... and found myself eye to eye... :sigh: with a spider. Again, huge, black, hairy... It was the middle of the night. So I couldn't run to my parents. Instead I got the vacuum cleaner and tried to suck it away. Epic battle ensued. The thing REFUSED to let go of the wall. Finally I prevailed and deposited the vacuum cleaner in the garden. No way I would keep it in the house or change the bag! The next morning after I explained to my mom why the vacuum cleaner was outside she just rolled her eyes and didn't say anything.

Then there was the spider sitting right next to the door outside my room. I called my mom and after a few minutes she came back and said it was gone. I asked her if she'd caught it. She said it escaped in direction of my sister's room. Okay, you see, there's the door, then about 15 cm of wall, then a cupboard and several meters down the corridor my sister's room. Instantly suspicious because I KNOW my mom, I asked her if she meant that the spider had just moved that 15 cm and hid behind the cupboard. She mumbled, well yes, and I went to my room and stuck a bed sheet in the crack under my door. (thanks, mom)

Also really nice was the spider I saw when I looked up from my homework and it sat there just on the window to my room. From the outside this time or I probably would've had a heart attack at the age of 17. This time my grandfather had to come to the resuce.

But the best one, the top of the list that will (hopefully) never be passed was the one at school. At school there was this old gym with a swimming pool in the basement. It had been out of use for years, so eventually they remodelled it into an assembly hall. The day of the first assembly came and the boys in my year found... you have three guesses and the first two don't count... a huge spider. This time it was a brown one. But still, huge, ugly, hairy. Boys being boys the starting throwing it around. I think you see it coming. I certainly did. I had a really bad feeling and then BAMM it happened. The thing landed right in my face. Even now, remembering, I can feel it legs on my cheeks.... :yurgh: It dropped the floor (after what felt like minutes) and everybody yelled to me to just step on it. But honestly, I was literally paralyzed. I couldn't move even to rub my face, much less to step on the beast. That was really really disgusting. And I mean it! I've never been fond of spiders before, but after that experience I absolutely can't stand spiders!!!

Looking back now I can smile about it all. My parents' place was rather rural. Apparently there are advantages to living in the city apart from all sorts of specialty shops and restaurants. Too much nature = not good

So, yea, it was a really creepy Merlin episode.

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