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So I did drag myself out again and went to see the fireworks. And how glad I am that I did! It was... actually I don't have the words to describe it adequately. Impressive... awe-inspiring... unbelievable...
This time I didn't forget my mobile phone and managed to capture some small parts of it. Cheap video quality. But I think it's possible to get an impression of what it was like. The whole event was about 30 minutes. The biggest & best parts are not even in the video. At times the firewoks were just too big to capture with my camera. The grand final spread over my whole view! It was so huge, I felt I could touch it.

Well, here's the video I put together:

Japan Day

Jun. 14th, 2008 08:20 pm
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I just got back from the city. Today is Japan Day, Japanese cultural festival in Düsseldorf. It's an annual event, really big and popular (they're expecting more than a million visitors. Well, the weather today might be a problem with that). I've always wanted to go, but somehow never managed before. I'm glad I made it today. It was great. Would've been even more fun if I'd had someone to go with. But my best friend had to work. But still... There were lots of people. It was hard to get anywhere. Lots of goths and cosplayers! I think I was grinning like a fool the whole time. Not because they were silly. But because there were all these ordinary people looking at them and wondering why they looked so strange. And then there was I thinking 'oh, look, Sasuke, oh Edward Elric, wow Grimjaw! (looked awesome)' and so much more. It was so fascinating! And I left my cellphone with the camera at home (head > desk) Beside the crowd there were musical presentations, sport events (I watched a kyudo demonstration), lots of booths (Ikebana, manga drawing, kimono fitting, calligraphy and so on) and of course food stuff. Seeing potato fritters and fried sausages (Currywurst - soooo German) next to yakitori and ika dango... just cool. And I loved the ika dango!
Tonight at 11 there'll be fireworks, one of the biggest fireworks in Germany. I'm thinking of dragging myself out again. Might be a bit difficult, now that I've settled in front of my desktop again. But I'm seriously tempted. And if I go, this time I'll bring my phone!

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