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We actually have a White Christmas this year! Last time we did, I was just a small kid. I can hardly remember it. It looks reaally nice. And I could really enjoy it, if we didn't have to drive more than 300 km today to get to my sister. I'll pack some sandwiches and make some coffee to take along, because this could turn out to be one long drive. They actually said on the radio to stay at home if you don't have business outside.... On Christmas? :shakes head:

Have a nice and safe Christmas!
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I finally had my vacation in Turkey. The long anticipated one. (see a few entries back on this journal) It was PERFECT! Beautiful resort, great weather, delicious food, awesome people... and then I caught a severe cold on the flight back and now I feel reif für die Notschlachtung (transl.: ready for emergency slaughter), coughing, sniffling, sneezing, shaking with cold :sobs:
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I got my vacation times approved today and just spent about two hours looking for a nice place to travel to in September.
I just booked my vacation: 10 days in Greece, Chalicidice. It should be a nice, little, quiet, out of the way hotel.

Am grinning like a loon right now!
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Merry Christmas!!!!

I'm just zipping back to my place since I got to feed my little ones (3 guinea pigs). Can't leave them alone for more than one night. I'd feel bad. Yesterday I went to my parents' and my little sis and her husband were already there. We had a very nice evening. And today's gonna be great too.

It's not very often that we are all together. I get irritated at my sis because she's always boasting about her job, her husband is quite reserved. My dad gets drunk and speaks with his full mouth and mom tries to update me about all former neighbours kids, illnesses, deaths, not that I care about them. And I love it all, hahaha.
And I'm soooo excited about the presents! I have a voucher for my sis and her hubby for a day in the spa of a 5 star hotel. They're gonna love it. We three are giving our parents this super coffee maker. I know what my parents are giving me as I bought it myself (yea, big surprise, hehehe) I'm getting a Japanese class! I always wanted to learn that language but I'm so undisciplined doing it by myself. It's gonna be fun!

Good news from the job! The last few weeks were pure horror, chaos, stress, the company was under attack. I didn't know till last Friday if I had to come in during Christmas and New Year. I only had planned for a few days off since spring (as I was sure to tell everyone who dared to ask me if I a little vacation coming... I wasn't whining, not at all). But not only did our director confirm that I get my vacation, I also got a rise!!!! Very nice start for the holidays :big grin:

I wish everyone to have such nice holidays too!

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