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My parents were here this evening to exchange the faucets of the bathtub. The old ones kept dripping slowly which basically caused the damage. Let's see how the new ones work. I'm getting so paranoid with everything connected to water in my flat...
At least it seems that the damage in my landlady's flat is limited. The plumber had drilled some holes into her bathroom ceiling the last time to see how far the water had got. Apparently this time the water followed this way and dripped from the ceiling into the bathroom which wasn't yet renovated. So there's hope that nothing or at least not much got into the wall itself. That had been dried and repainted before. All I can do now is wait as it'd take some weeks for the dampness to show. At least I've got an insurance.

In the meantime I'm reading Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn, a Harry Potter epic by Wemyss. It has a rather unique way of telling the / a story. Wemyss leaps forwards and backwards in short and long scenes, presents small insights or develops the plot in longer narratives. It allows her to slowly build a panorama of a world, culture, politics, people. Her characters are incredibly well built. Her grip on speech is very consequent. Also she's extremely well-versed in literature, history and philosophy...
This is absolutely worth reading even if one isn't into the HP fandom. It's fascinating, brilliant and fun to read.


Sep. 1st, 2006 08:14 pm
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I got a confession to make: I'm addicted to Naruto high school AU's.... *blink* *blush* AAAARGH

Here's my list:
From here to eternity by I Am The Lorax and sequel A hazy shade of winter (my absolute favorite so far. The author called it a soap opera and it is... of course you can't get away from it... update!!!! I'm waiting for an update!!!!)
Just like heroine by sugarswirls (cross-dressing Naruto [how can I like that???], seriously gloomy/depressed Sasuke, but it has its absolutely hilarious moments)
And the beat goes on by Queen Angelblood (quite nice, a bit confusing)
The new guy by SilverRose88 (Sasuke and Neji competing for Naruto's affection... grin)
The ultimate uke syndrome by rosesareblue (now aren't you just curious?)
Carousel by Fantastical Queen Ebony Black (hmm, weird, dark, interesting > Gaara! and Neji)
Almost sucks by Mashiro (just started to read, but it seems very promising [I like the writing style so far, i.e. it's a good read])

Wow, I didn't realise there were so many! My excuse? What am I to read while waiting for [profile] maldoror_gw to come back from her vacation from writing? And I'm aware that her writing is of a very different quality. I was just looking for more Naruto fics... long Naruto fics.... long yaoi Naruto fics... and then it happened.

Ducks away *blink* *bursts out laughing, points at Just like heroine* *cough* anyway... ducks away and into hiding again
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Fics I've read recently / am still reading
Reading is slow at the moment because of work. Also I'm rewatching Hikaru no Go. I've watched it twice already and it's still addictive!

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The holidays are here. Finally!
So I actually got time to clear my inbox... More than 500 messages in my GW folder. And I only kept the fics! Well, I hadn't cleared it in about 3 months. While I was at it I thought it a good idea to update my reading list. It's very incomplete since I can't remember all.

dkAdeena - Heero's blanket (gw-fan ML)
Justkat - Reasons in a Nutshell
Keara - Soldiers of Sourcery
Caroline - Best Laid Plans
Maldoror - Freeport
Muffie - Mr. Tangerine Speedo There actually was an update!
Prynesque - While You were sleeping
Dragongirl85 - New Hope Home
Capricious Purple Clarity - Harry Potter and the Missing Link
Ravengirl - Remember (gw-fan ML)
Ravengirl - The Last Beautiful Girl (gw-fan ML)
Ravensilver - All in a day's work (gw-fan ML)
May Chang - A Question about Love (gw-fan ML)
Seraphim Grace - Lord of Death and The Ribbon and the Ring
Seraphim Grace - Of Kitty Cats and Gundam Pilots
ShenLong Deb - Signs Series
ShenLong Deb - Equinity
Trasgapoca & Anidawehi - Ever Onward, Crashing or Soaring

circeniko - Mixed Emotions Waiting for an update!
Viridian5 - Girl
Viridian 5 - Reason
Viridian5 - Psycho Trip Series
Black Kitten's Dream - This is So not happening
Seraphim Grace - White Butterfly
Seraphim Grace - Cloths of Heaven
Seraphim Grace - An Assassin and ...
Seraphim Grace - Lust
Mami-san - HALO
Mami-san - SYN: When You Gonna Learn?
Mami-san - Shism
Mami-san - P.O.D: Payment on Delivery

Maldoror - Diplomatic Relations and Kindred
well, basically anything by Maldoror
JBMcDragon - Gay porn
JBMcDragon - Kinds of Love and Types of Sex
A site to explore: Sennen Goroshi - Naruto Fanfiction recs

cryogenia - Firebrand
[livejournal.com profile] sky_dark's zoofics
sky_dark & anax - Once Somebody Loved
cryogenia & sky_dark & anax - Icebane

Pet Shop of Horrors / Fruits Basket
Cousin D - Long Denied

What a long list. Maybe I should do this more often...
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Sky Rat: This Is Not My Life (WK)
Sky Rat: Songfics That Were Never Meant To Be (WK)
DeeEzBee: Mistletoes and its sequel: Jingle Bells (GW) (1x2ML)
Keara: Strays And Misfits (GW) (Chapter 20!!!!)
darkephoenix: The Great Pancake Caper (WK)
KD Sarge: Piece On Earth (WK)
KD Sarge: Shades And Hues (WK)
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FancyFigures: Happy Christmas, Bugs (GW)
Karen: Blood in Siberia (GW) Chapter 12!!!!!!!!!!!!
LoneWolf: Soldiers And Fools Arc (GW)
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Trasgapoca & Anidawehi: Adapting (GW)
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P.L. Nunn: Bloodraven (original)
Mami-san: Alles Schwarz (WK)
Mami-san: Gunning Down Romance and its sequel: Winter (WK)
Solitude 1056: Snowflakes (GW)
Ravengirl: The Last Beautiful Girl (GW)
Caroline: The Medallion (GW)
Dyna Dee: The Eyes I Have (GW)
Ashkara: The Nobody That Is Me (GW)
sky_dark: The Adventures of Roy Mustang: Roy Mustang Sex Ed Teacher and its sequel: Better Living Through Alchemy (FMA)
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MissMoppy: Schwarz Chibified (WK)
Mayoki: The White Board (WK)
Caitlin: Friends Will Be Friends (GW)
Yanagi: The Price They Paid (GW)
Utopian Trunks: Baiting The Cat (HunterxHunter)
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Read today:
Maldoror: Fifty Ways to Leave your Lover (GW)
Sueen Noh: Reading YAOI Comics: An Analysis of Korean Girls' Fandom
Nekojita: Shadows (WK)

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