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After a long day of dusting, hoovering, and cleaning the high-point was when I was standing in the hallway and there was a draft and the door to my flat fell shut... with the keys in the lock on the other side of the door, of course. Cursing ensued.
Fortunately, my landlady and her friend were just leaving and I could ask them for help. First the friend tried to open the door with a card. Didn't work. Damn, it always looks so easy on TV!
I'm pretty sure I've deposited an emergency key with my landlady (she lives just downstairs). But she couldn't find the key, so no luck there! Then they gave me their phone and I called my dad. He's a real handiman and I hoped he would be able to open the door. He was sure he would have to break the lock to do that. Double damn. So at last I called a lock and key service and prepared to bleed (financially). Actually their estimate was pretty humane, but still. To pay € 100 for just a moment of inattention... ouch!
With the lock and key service on their way my landlady gave the lock a last try. This time with a steak knife. And wonder of wonders, the door opened!!! She is my new hero!!! I called the lock and key service again and cancelled the job. And they just agreed, no cancelling fee or whatever.
So in the end after a tiring day and a bit of a adrenaline rush I expect to sleep like the dead tonight.
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*deep breath* I'm better now. But this day and yesterday were just horrible.

I have a few days off. And yesterday I was sitting and reading when I decided to get a glass of water and then I stood *in* water. The bathroom and hall had flooded. The washing machine was emptying its contents to the floor. And I hadn't noticed until too late. Panic ensued. Then I scrambled to shut off the machine and mop up all the mess. The water stood about 5 cm in the bathroom! It took some time, I was drenched, my nerves shredded. When I was done, my landlady rang at my door because there was water running down her walls (she lives in the flat downstairs). She was pissed off. What had happened? Normally I take showers. This one time I draw a bath I forgot to hook the tube from the washer back into the tub. Clearly my fault. So I called my insurance company. Called my parents. And stared at my PC for the rest of the evening.

Today I noticed that the laminate on my floor was rising at the seams. I called my parents, called my insurance company. Felt like crying. The insurance company said to leave it till Monday so that an expert could evaluate the damage before I could do any repairs. I feared that the water in my floor would sink through and also get into the downstairs flat. My dad spoke with them and they finally agreed that we could tear out the laminate to prevent further damage as long as we took pictures of everything. My dad came over (their car is broken right now, so he had to take the train) and helped me tear out the wet laminate. Half the hall and part of my study.

Then my landlady showed up again and asked how I was and apologized for being cross last night! I can't believe it. That woman is an angel! I was so relieved! I probably would have tried to avoid her for weeks. I even looked up adds for flats last night because I was convinced she'd give me notice. That worry gone and also the assurances from my dad that the new laminate would cost about a € 100 and he would install it himself, that felt like a stone gone from crushing me. Thank you! And my dad was so sweet, really patient! What a difference! Just two years ago I couldn't even be in the same room with him without getting aggressive. When he does repairs he usually gets really short-tempered which riles me up further. Nothing of that! He just showed up. Consoled me and then we got to work without any problems... (Two years of therapy. They really paid off!)

So now I'm not so stressed anymore. Just exhausted and a bit headachy. But hey, I can live with that!
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So I've been back to work for two weeks now. Everything's going fine (apart from a slight panicky feeling last sunday. But that passed). I'm on light duty, 3 hours a day. Starting from next week it's 5 hours. These weeks were so cool. Getting off at 12! Sun's shining! How relaxing. I got new duties too. But it was kind of a nice/naughty feeling to just pass on all old emails and messes to the poor sods who labor in payroll now. ^__^ Everyone was happy to see me again. Yes, all told I'm happy to be back.
So today was the last day of the really short days. It's beautiful outside. Tomorrow is a holiday and I still wanted to get small gifts for my parents for Easter. I was really relaxed and in high spirits (maybe a little tired) when I got home. And there I stand in front of the building and search for my keys...
And no, I couldn't find them... and yes, I called work... and YES DAMN! I left them there!!!! How stupid can one be!!!!!!!! So I could climb back onto the underground and go all the way back from where I'd just come from. It's only 75 minutes one way... Of course, everyone made fun of me.... *bastards* (okay, I would have made fun of everyone this happened to, too. But I never said I wasn't a bastard myself) 75 minutes back home. And now I'm too tired / frustrated to do much of anything else. At least tomorrow is a holiday. I'll visit my parents on saturday / sunday, we'll have a barbecue and breakfast with the neighbours. It'll be fun.
And I guess I'm lucky it happened today when I was home early enough to actually return. On a normal day I'm home at 6:30 and there'd be nobody in the office anymore if I tried to get my keys... yeah, silver lining. yadda yadda

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