Apr. 22nd, 2008 09:14 pm
tingel: (fae 2)

So I was at the taiko concert this Sunday. And let me tell you it was AWESOME! If you get the chance go see them! Just google TAO and taiko and you can find the tour plan.
It's so much more than just drums. And I don't just mean that there are also flutes, koto and cymbals. They produce a full sound, melodies, you really get lost in the sound/music. You can just let yourself go and feel the sound/rhythm like a trance. The moods range from aggressive, scary to sad, melancholic to playful, jubilant. And it's always powerful emotionally. My sister chose to just close her eyes and enjoy. You can do that or watch them because they're a sight to see. The precision and synchronization is just fascinating. Of course they've perfected the show. They're professionals. And it makes the experience so much better! You feel that they really enjoy their performance. They had a very neat way to make the transitions between one piece and the next. They somehow had to get the new instruments on stage for the new piece. So there always was just one of them who played an intro and everyone else joined him/her on stage only shortly before their part was due. So you never had to wait for everything to change.

They were great and the audience just loved them! At first (during the first piece) I wasn't so sure. Everyone just sat in their seats, no one moving / swaying to the rhythm and I thought how sad it was for the performers. (I wouldn't have been that surprised. People in that area are just a bit different, more reserved, less easy going than here. At least my sis tells me and she lives there, had to get used to it) But then the piece ended and the audience just erupted. And that's how it went on. Each piece was just celebrated! I have been to performances where the final applause wasn't anything like the audience's reaction to every single piece in this show! And at the end the applause just went on. With cheers, and whistles. It was so great!

I'm just glad I went to the concert. It was a really exhausting day (I was plain dead when we made it home) but so worth it!

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