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So yesterday I was browsing through my old pics (anything to avoid my cleaning up the space) when I stumbled across this pic:

I couldn't help chuckling at the memory. I used to do my MA at SOAS, London. I lived in a student hall in a flat with five other girls. Two of them, Faizah and Khadeeja, became really close friends of mine. Khadeeja had never needed to learn cooking for herself and now that we lived in a student hall without catering she really s**** at it. :grin:

Well, she always used to buy the pack of four potatoes at Salisbury. During the Easter hols Faizah visited me in Germany. We went a lot of shopping. Once in a mall we found the shop that sold lots of decoration stuff, among others really realistic looking vegetables. I just couldn't resist it (sometimes I just love to play pranks). Of course, we bought the fake potatoe.
Back in London Faizah and I waited for Khadeeja to buy her next potatoes and carefully replaced one of them. After that we lay in wait to see when she'd notice. I wasn't there for it, but the others told me and it was hilarious! Apparently she picked up the fake potatoe without noticing anything at first! How? I don't know, the thing was made of hardened paper! It was light! Well, she did finally notice when she tried to cut it. :snigger: But then she didn't realise it was a prank! She thought it was in the pack from the beginning. She got really upset and was just about to return it to Salisbury to complain!!!! Oh, I wish, I could have been there! Luckily, the other girls could prevent her from doing anything so embarrassing and told her that it'd been me all along! When I got home was exasperated with me and had this HUGE wide grin on her face at the same time. What fun!

So the next year Khadeeja got engaged and everyone met up again for the graduation ceremony in Londong again. We, her friends, had conspired beforehand and written a cooking book with our favourite recipes, pics and small notes for her as an engagement present. (She still wasn't a good cook, I doubt she'll ever be, he!) So that how the pic came to be.

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