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Sooo, I've been rewatching OP for last few weeks. It does take weeks to rewatch :grins happily: The advantage of rewatching, you see things you didn't / couldn't notice before (well, duh!). As a result, the very first episode cracked me up! Well, apart from it being basically such a fun ep there was something that hit me like a hammer:

I wonder what is up with the similarity between .... :drum roll: ACE and ALVIDA!!!!!!!!

You think I'm mad? (I do) So, take a look at this:


Minna-san, please notice the black hair, the wild west outfit, the freckles. Take it all in and then care to contemplate this:


Again, black hair, wild west outfit, freckles... Not convinced, let's take a closer look:

Alvida - up close <---> Ace - up close

Pointing out that both their names start with A would be a bit far fetched, I guess.

WTF? Must be a coincidence? Right? Right? It's only a coincidence! Yes! Can't be anything else! Just thinking about that anything else gives me a headache :shudders: You know, how Luffy's family and their relationship to each other is so very obscure? And there keep popping up new family members and people you've met before turn out to be related? OHMYGOD! My imagination is too vivd for my own good!

Now let's take it a step further...

Ep. 325, the epic battle between Ace and Blackbeard. Blackbeard asks Ace to join his nakama again, and Ace replies:

Ace - the manly man

:blinks: Ooookay... don't want to think about it.

But if I'm loosing sleep over this, why shouldn't you too? :evil snicker:

Bows and shuts up

Obviously I'm more relaxed for once. My co-worker returned and the job's so much easier again. Maybe being completely stressed out isn't so bad, if otherwise I come up with crack like this.

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