Apr. 13th, 2007 02:15 am
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I just woke up from a nightmare. It's still clinging to me, making me afraid to go back to bed. Normally, if I dream at all, I have just weird / bizarre dreams. Sometimes I even go to bed looking forward / curious about what I will experience the night. This one crossed the line between bizarre and horror.

I had trouble going to sleep tonight and somehow it carried over. I dreamed that I woke up after a small nap and all my furniture was moved. The bed, the cupboards... I knew I hadn't done it myself and I didn't know if it had been a ghost or if someone had been in my flat while I was sleeping. I was scared and exhausted because of lack of sleep. Somehow I napped again and again the furniture was moved, the plugs of my bedlamp had been pulled and I couldn't turn on the lights. There were noises and the window was wide open although I shut it every night. And while I shut the window the plugs of the lamp were pulled again. The feeling that someone must be watching me was horrible. I pulled posters and calenders off the walls that were left from the guy who rented the place before me. I hadn't known they were there because they had been hidden by the wardrobe. And suddenly there were cracks in the walls behind them, and plaster falling. It went on like this for a while till I head a real panic attack in the hall (in my dream). Someone or something was stalking me in my own apartment, trying to drive me insane. The worst thing was that it felt so real. It didn't occur to me that it was just a dream (naturally). The door to my apartment was wide open. I was yelling that I wanted to go home (to my parents), that I didn't want to stay here anymore. Suddenly my mom, my sister, an aunt and a guy who was supposed to be an uncle though I haven't seen him before arrived. I told them what was happening. Instead of thinking that it was my imagination or my own doing they believed me and started searching. We found an old-fashioned tape in one of the drawers where the sounds and music came from. That didn't really reassure me. And then I woke up and realised it had been a dream and that my furniture was all in place, that it looks completely different than the furniture in my dream. Window and door are still locked. And the one who had this place before me was a girl not a guy.

But the creepy feeling is still there. I'm single and have been in my own place for years. I've never been afraid. I lock the door just because it does tend to open if you don't turn the key and it'd be kinda embarrassing if the neighbours could see the mess in your place. Not because I'm worried about security. It's so unlike me to feel this way. I hoped that writing this down would help somehow. But I'm not sure. Maybe trying to remember the details made it all more present. I think I'll read for a few minutes and have a cigarette before trying to go back to bed.

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