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He, had a busy day today, but now, I'm done and I'm feeling pretty good about myself.

  • Cleaned the kitchen window

  • Washed off the kitchen shades in the shower

  • Did the dishes

  • Vacuumed

  • Did three loads of laundry

  • Cleaned up my desk

  • Bagged the old clothing I'm gonna give away

:proud: Right now, my mom could come in a surprise visit and I wouldn't be embarrassed. (She never says anything. Just raises her eyebrow. Oh, the eyebrow of doom!)

fun site

Jul. 31st, 2013 12:26 am
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Discovered a new site: www.postcrossing.com that is, a co-worker told me about it.
After registering and saving your home address you can request an address (which is from some random user from anywhere in the world). Once you sent that person a postcard and they confirmed that they got it, your address will be given to another random user from somewhere around the globe and they'll send a postcard to you. At the beginning you can request up to 5 addresses simultaneously.
I've requested two addresses and 1 card went to Russia and the other one will go to the US.
I'm very excited about this! Getting postcards and going postcard hunting to find something beautiful for others! It's a bit like Christmas!

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