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Just wondering (I have no idea how I came up with this)... I never really noticed when reading about time traveling (in fiction or popular science) that the authors gave much thought to spacial differences. I mean, everything's moving, the Earth rotates around itself and the sun, the universe is expanding. There's probably still much more movement. My point is when someone is sent backwards (or forwards) in time his location like the building he set out from isn't in that place anymore. That makes the concept of time traveling even more mind-bending for me. For it to work there should be some kind of focal point which all space can be seen in relation to. But how to define that point when everything's moving? The center of the universere??? Now my imagination paints that picture: time travel experiments that go wrong all the time, objects/people vanish but don't show up where expected. And some aliens finding a trail of frozen bodies somewhere in the middle of nowhere. (Some may well turn up buried in the middle of the Earth)
Time travel through magic is "easy". Magic can explain everything. But science based fiction? There's the Doctor, of course. I can easily buy that he doesn't have the problem. Well, he probably still has to deal with it somehow. But it's stuff from Time-Lording 101, so basic that it's not mentioned anywhere. He's a genius in this field after all.

I'm still sitting at home without much to do and am bored out of my mind. I think it's kinda obvious. :grins:

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