Jul. 2nd, 2013

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Since the weather is nice for a change, I thought I'd leave work a bit early today, take the bus into the city and enjoy a coffee somewhere.

When I got to the café my wallet was missing. I'm pretty sure I lost it when I switched seats on the bus (I still had it when I got on the bus and took out my ticket)
So I hopped into the service station of the public transportation provider which happened to be just around the corner and was still open. And I persuaded the guy behind the counter to give me a free replacement ticket (which he wasn't really allowed to do without photo identification - and guess where my ID was? Yeah, lost with the wallet. But the guy was nice and helpful and I secured my way home for today and my way to work for tomorrow).

I was still pretty optimistic. Someone will find my wallet and hand it in and I'll get everything back, maybe except for the cash which wasn't terribly lot and which I consider a finder's fee anyway. That's what I thought on my way home. Not happy but not really angry, either.

Still I called my bank to temporarily disable all my cards. Turns out the debit card was already disabled. The (nice & helpful) guy from the bank said he couldn't see why it was disabled, but his guess was someone had entered the wrong PIN three times. ... .... *there goes my mood*
So I had the cards permanently disabled and ordered new ones.
And I guess my chances that someone'll hand in the wallet just went down the drain. So here I am, without cash, without my bank cards, without any ID and my drivers licence and health insurance cards are gone too (as well as several customer cards).

So after all that I called my parents to whine about it all. Dad answered, listened to a few words, interrupted and said he couldn't talk to me because he had to put on shoes as he was leaving for a bike tour. And btw, our dog had severe surgery today. Bye. Mom will call me back when she's back from work.... ... Well, thanks so much, Dad!!!

Mom called later. Our dog is doing fine under the circumstances. (That's her in my avi). Her uterus had been inflamed and had to be removed. Mom went to the vet with her today because she was worried about how she behaved and they just kept her there and operated immediately. All went well. And dog is still kinda sedated. But still, I had it when something is wrong with her. And to think I had a normal day (up to a certain point) and there was all this drama going on and nobody told me!!!! .... ....

Oh, and then Mom told me that she fell with her bike and almost hit her head on the black top. Okay, nothing happened really. But just imagining what could have happened is scary enough.

So I'm all down now. This day sucks. I'm going to call my sister and find out what happened to her and the kids today.
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I have several Avengers desktop backgrounds changing on a loop.
So for some reason I minimized all windows and suddenly found myself staring Director Fury in the eye. Without warning. Scary

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