Jun. 10th, 2008 11:54 pm
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Working looong hours lately. Today too. But strangely enough, nothing seems to be able to quench my good mood today. On my way home I stopped for ice-cream and enjoyed the sunshine. All in all, really nice.

This Saturday there's a Japanese culture festival here in Düsseldorf. Looking forward to it and the fireworks!

Just talked to my mom. My sis's birthday is in 2 weeks. She'll be 30. Somehow it crept up on me. What a surprise! It's been only set for what... 30 years? :grins:
Anyway I got tickets to a comedian for her. Jürgen von der Lippe (famous German guy). I like him a lot. He'll be in Düsseldorf at the end of September. So my mom's going to get tickets for my birthday too. So my sis and I are getting the same present, only in different towns LOL

I translated chap. 28 of The Marriagestone Sunday night. It was so intense! The chapter is full of action and horror (dementors! grendlings! yay). And I always keep getting really sucked into the story while translating and I had the Doctor Who soundtrack running in the background and it just fit. It felt almost like a trance. Best of all I think the result is actually readable. On the downside, it took me till 3 a.m. to finish. And I had to get up at 7 for work. Guess I gave a good impression of the living dead yesterday. :snigger:
Anyway I told my mom about it. She knew about my projects. But she just now realised I was translating into German, in other words, she could read it, like online. She wanted a link. NO WAY! No way I'm showing my parents what I like in fandom! Like, no! I told her it's not safe for parents. LOL

I could imagine showing it to my sis. But then, her hubby has this thing about homosexuality. Ridicules it. And I'm already the odd one out, permantly single, fat, a loner... no need to add odd interests too.

I know it's one of the few things she doesn't like about him. Our great uncle was gay. He used to live with my grandparents and was always away for the weekend as long as I can remember. For my sis and me it was a mystery (when we were kids). We used to imagine he was some kind of mafia member or spy (yes, kids do come up with such things :laughs:) Some years ago he died very suddenly. We found his body in his room. He'd always talked of 'us' (without mentioning any names) when he talked about his weekends. So we knew there had to be someone missing him. My dad did some detective work and found an address. It turned out my great uncle had been living with a man for over 20 years. For all purposes they were married. And he never mentioned it. It's so sad. But he was from a different generation. He was a soldier during WWII. He could've been killed for it. You probably never forget something like that. And I guess he was afraid of my grandparents' reaction. And he was right. When they learned about it they forbade us to even mention it out of fear that the neighbours might overhear. As if they would have cared. When his partner came to visit my great uncles grave my grandmother didn't want to let him into the house! But she didn't reckon with my mom! They had quite a row. My mom served him coffee, took him to the graveside and didn't talk to my grandmother for days. Go, mom! Well, if nothing else that's a reason why my sis would never tolerate making ugly jokes about gays. She (and I too) adored our great uncle. He was just a cool guy and it still hurts that he felt he had to hide.

Okay, I realize I'm rambling on again. I'll just translate a bit more (not that late though) and turn in.
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