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Seems this month is out to get my family. First my dad had a heart attack (he's fine now), then my sister was almost run over by a car now my mom just called me to tell me that Flocke was ill last night.
My sister was crossing the street at a bus stop when a car headed her way, speeding and accelerating. The driver obviously didn't see her and she had to dive out of its way and sprained her ankle badly. If it had hit her she could have been seriously injured, at least... Still she was on sick-leave for a week because she couldn't walk.
Flocke started vomiting yesterday till she could only throw up bile anymore. When she started vomiting blood my mom panicked and rang the nearest vetinary in the middle of the night. Thank god for our neighbours. They were great and drove my mom there (dad's in rehab). The vet said it was some kind of infection. Flocke got antibiotics and pain killers and had to take some kind of drops every 15 minutes. This morning she behaved as if nothing had ever happened. *relieved*

Flocke is our dachshound. See my avatar. That's Flocke as a puppy. She's such a great dog. She's really friendly and in no way as stubborn as dachshouds are said to be. She gets along with everyone, even postmen and cats. And she likes to cuddle. I love her even if I don't see her often as she's my parents' dog. We got her when I still lived with my parents and I took her to doogie school. She still knows how to sit, stay, lay down, come and other orders. She's really well-behaved with me (my parents are push-overs so she sometimes takes her time listening to them *grin*)
That's how she looks now

Flocke is REALLY cuddly and she always sleeps in mom's bed. This pic is actually rare as Flocke normally sleeps under the sheets curled up to mom's stomack. If my parents are on vacation where they can't take Flocke along she sleeps with our neighbour. *laugh* Flocke is basically never alone.

Do not disturb!

And that's our neighbour feeding Flocke and Tiger, our neighbours' cat. Flocke loves Tiger and is fascinated by her, but is also very careful around her. I guess she met with the business end of a paw at one point. But Tiger is used to her now and sometimes graciously pushs a mouse her way or leaves some crumbles of cat food.

Flocke & Tiger

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