Sep. 11th, 2011

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I just got a weird phone call. Someone whose voice I didn't recognize greeted me with my first name and said she was a good friend from Düsseldorf (where I live) and because of throat medication their voice was off. So I should guess who she was and rattled off some (random) names. I was perplexed because none of my close friends actually live here. There's only an ex-coworker who I keep in contact with and the voice pattern was all wrong. Still, I said her name (if it was her I didn't want to offend her by admitting that I didn't recognize her or saying that I don't have close friends here, i.e. she isn't a close friend). The person said, yes that's who she was and didn't I recognize her now? But the more I heard her talking the more confident I was that it wasn't her. So I just said I didn't recognize her and asked for her last name. And she hung up immediately.

The phone call was weird. But two things creep me out a little. First, the voice somehow reminded me of my grandmother (who died more than 5 years ago). And second, just minutes ago I had googled my name and updated all my privacy settings on my facebook so that I should be accessible to almost noone and changed my profile pic to some random graphics etc.

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